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Napa Valley, Napa County and sometime known just as Napa

The Napa Valley California located some 50 miles from San Francisco nestled  in a valley east of Sonoma County and West of Solano County and very close to Marin county which is considered by some as San Francisco bedroom community. Is is often considered part of the San Francisco Bay area has a 200 year tradition of wine growing at it's finest and some of the worlds premier wine producers are located in the Napa Valley Wine Country. As a result of this marriage of climate and soil, wineries were founded in the Napa Valley as early as the mid 1800's. When one thinks of wine country one thinks of Napa or Napa Valley California. This mixture is virtually perfect for growing the type of grapes required to produce the premium wines loved by, and shipped to,  the entire world. The Napa Valley area with it's many fine touring wineries, restaurants, resorts, hotels, motels, spas, beautiful scenery, visitor facilities as well as many local attractions bring millions of visitors from California, the United States and across the world to this destination.

Napa Valley consists of  seven main towns  and a number of smaller communities plus Lake Berryessa and Spanish Flat  (which add their own charm to the valley)
in the northeastern section of the country. The total population is around 115,000.  Starting at the Northern end of the valley is the city of Calistoga, and south in the heart of the Napa Valley is St Helena.  Close to St Helena are the communities of  Deer Park and Angwin.  Just Below St Helena is Rutherford and Oakville. Yountville is located just north of the City of Napa.  At the southern tip is American Canyon.

The Napa Valley enjoys a year round average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.   In winter, temperatures usually sail between 37 and 57 degrees and in the summer, between 52 and 82. Several micro-climates within the Napa Valley vary the temperature substantially from the early morning to the evening and create variances at the same time of day between the northern and southern locations. The winter "rainy season" is gentle and occurs between December and February. The dress is casual, and the "layered look" is both functional and advisable for day-to-evening activities.

For these and many other reasons Napa is a favorite tourist destination with many hotels, spas, bed and breakfasts such as the Marriott Napa
Embassy Suites Napa, Meadowood Napa.

For the Internet traveler as well as the local Napan there are hundreds of websites to visit in the Napa Valley and the number is growing each day. Before we know it Napa Will be live on the Internet. Although there are many way to reach the Napa Valley by the Internet there is not one better than the Napa Valley Portal www.napayellowpages.com. One their pages on can find "EVERY NAPA THING" whether you are a visitor or you live in the Napa Valley.    

Trip Tip: You can get rates and make reservations for most hotels in the Napa Valley by calling
 1-888-254-0637   Outside the US please call 00-800-84469370 OR 1-210-507-5997 By giving code 3536 when calling you receive discount rates plus 110% guarantee. If you find the room cheaper elsewhere you get your money back plus 10% of the difference ion price.
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