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A hot spring is a spring that is produced by the emergence of geothermally-heated groundwater from the earth's crust. There are hot springs all over the earth, on every continent and even under the oceans and seas.

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The water issuing from a hot spring is heated by geothermal heat, i.e., heat from the Earth's interior. In general, the temperature of rocks within the earth increases with depth. The rate of temperature increase with depth is known as the geothermal gradient. If water percolates deeply enough into the crust, it will be heated as it comes into contact with hot rocks. The water from hot springs in non-volcanic areas is heated in this manner.

In volcanic zones such as Yellowstone National Park, water may be heated by coming into contact with magma (molten rock).

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Calistoga Spa Hot Springs,
1006 Washington Street, Calistoga, CA 94515  707 942-6269

Dr. Wilkinson's Hot Springs Resort
1507 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga CA 94515 US  707 942-4102

Golden Haven Hot Springs  
1713 Lake Street, Calistoga Ca  94515  707 942-6793 

Indian Springs,
1712 Lincoln, Calistoga, Ca 94515  707 942-4913

Nance's Hot Springs
1614 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA 94515-1334 707-942-6211

Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort
1300 Washington St, Calistoga, CA 94515-1442 707-942-4441

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 The high temperature gradient near magma may cause water to be heated enough that it boils or becomes superheated. If the water becomes so hot that it builds steam pressure and erupts in a jet above the surface of the Earth, it is called a geyser. The Old Faithful Geyser of California is located in Calistoga Ca.  If the water only reaches the surface in the form of steam, it is called a fumarole. If the water is mixed with mud and clay, it is called a mud pot.

Note that hot springs in volcanic areas are often at or near the boiling point. People have been seriously burned and even killed by accidentally or intentionally entering these springs.

Warm springs are sometimes the result of hot and cold springs mixing but may also occur outside of volcanic areas, such as Warm Springs, Georgia (frequented for its therapeutic effects by paraplegic U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who built the Little White House there).

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