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Napa Valley, San Francisco North Bay, Ca. USA

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Bill paying services
Billboard advertising see
   Advertising - outdoor
Billiard Parlors
Billing machines and supplies see
    Accountants & bookkeeping machines & supplies
    Calculators, adding machines & supplies
Billing services
Billing Services - Bookkeeping
Bindery services see
    Bookbinders' equipment and supplies
Biofeedback Therapy and Training
Biotechnology - products & services

Bird - Birds
see Pet Index

Bird Barriers and Repellents
Birth announcements  
Birth control information centers
Blimps see
    Advertising specialists
     Aircraft Charter & rental service
Blind services see
    Rehabilitation services
    Schools - academic - special education
    Social service organizations
Blinds see
    Draperies - retail
    Draperies - wholesale & manufacturers
    Mini blinds
    Mini blinds - cleaning & repairing
    Venetian blinds - repairing & cleaning
    Window shades - retail

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Blocks & block walls see
    Concrete blocks & shapes
    Fence contractors
    Glass - block
    Masonry contractors
Blood banks & centers
Blue Prints
Blue printers
Board & care facilities see
    Home - residential care
    Nursing homes
    Retirements & life care communities
Boarding schools
Boards of trade

Boats see
Boat - Boating Index

Body guards see
    Security guard & patrol service
Body shop equipment
Boiler tube bending see
    Pipe bending & fabricating
Boilers & cooling towers - water treatment systems
    Water treatment equipment, services & supplies
Bolt removal
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