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Napa Valley, San Francisco North Bay, Ca. USA

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Budget consultants 
Bug exterminating
Builders equipment see
    Contractors equipment & supplies
    Rental service stores & yards
Building alterations
Building blocks see
    Concrete blocks & shapes
Building cleaning exterior see
    Steam cleaning - commercial & industrial
    Window cleaning
Building cleaning - interior see
    Floor washing, polishing & cleaning
    Janitor service
    Window cleaning
Buildings cleaning supplies see
    Janitor supplies
Building code consultants see
    Construction consultants
Building Contractors
Building designers
Building energy analysis see
    Energy conservation products & services
    Energy consulting & documentation 
    Engineers - mechanical
Building, general contractors
Building & home inspection services
Building & house restoration & preservation
Building maintenance - cleaning see
    House cleaning
    Janitor service

    Window cleaning
Building maintenance 
Building maintenance supplies
Building management
Building materials
Building materials - architectural, antique & used
Building movers see
    Demolition contractors
    House movers
Building permits & business license services see
    Construction consultants
    Permits - building & development
Building remodeling
Building Supplies
Building wrecking see
    Demolition contractors
Buildings metal
Buildings portable
Buildings - pre-cut, prefabricated & modular

Bumper stickers see
    Screen print
Bumpers - rubber dock see
    Dockboards & ramps
Bungee jumping


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    Graphic designers
    Photo finishing - retail
    photographers - commercial
Burglar alarm - automobile
Burglar alarm systems
Burglar prevention see
    Iron ornamental work
    Locks & locks Smith's
    Security control equipment & systems
Burial societies & services 
Burn victim assistance
Bus conversions see
    Recreational vehicle - equipment, parts & supplies
Bus liner route or a map information
Bus Lines
Bus Tour Agencies
Buses  Charter & Rental
Business accounting systems see
    Accounting & bookkeeping machines & supplies
    Business forms
Business & Trade Organizations
Business and Vocational Schools
Business brokers
Business Consultants
Business cards see
   Advertising specialties
    Desktop publishing & service
Business consultants
Business forms
Business law
Business loans see
    Credit unions
    Savings & loan associations
Business Opportunities
Business records destruction
Business records storage & management
Business services see
    Computer software & services
    Copying & duplicating services
    Data-processing services
    Desktop publishing & service bureaus
    Fax transmission service
    Real estate management
    Secretarial services

Business Opportunities

Business Services NEC

Business surveys see
    Marketing research & analysis
Business & trade organizations
Butane see
    Gas - propane
    Rental service stores & yards
Buttons - identification & advertising     
Buyer's Agents and Brokers- Real-estate
Buyers inspection service 

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