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Napa Valley, San Francisco North Bay, Ca. USA

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Calculators, adding machines & supplies
Calendars Wholesale - Mfg

California Cuisine - restaurants
Calling Cards - Prepaid
Calling, paging & signaling systems see
    Intercom - systems & services
    Paging & signaling equipment
Camcorders & VCRs see
    Photographic equipment & supplies - retail
    Stereo & hi-fi, dealers & services
    Television & radio - dealers & services
    Video equipment - dealers

    Videotapes & disks - sales & rentals
Cameras, camera repairing, equipment & supplies see
    Photographic equipment - repairing
    Photographic equipment & suppliers - retail

Campaign buttons see
Campers & camper shells
Campers - services & repair
Campgrounds & recreational vehicle parks
Camping equipment - sales: see
     Sporting Goods Dealers
Camping / Backpacking Equip. Sales / Rentals
Camping equipment - repairing see
    Sporting goods - repairing
Campsite reservations see
    Campgrounds & recreational vehicle parks
    Ticket sales - entertainment & sports


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Cancer educational, referral & support services
Cancer Treatment
Candles - retail
Candy brokers
Candy & confectionery - retail
Candy & confectionery - wholesale & manufacturers

Canoes & Kayaks
Cans - metal
Canvas products

Car see Auto Index

Carbon dioxide
Card access systems
Card playing rooms
Cards Greeting e-mail
Cards Greeting  - Retail
Career see Employment Index
Career & Vocational Counseling
Cargo, Air

Carnival supplies


Carpet See: Home and Garden
Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Cars see auto
Cash registers & supplies

Cats - Cat see Pet Index

CB Radios see
    Radio communication equipment & systems
    Radios - citizens band
CD-ROM products & services see
    Computer dealers
    Computer software & services

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