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Asphalt concrete, normally known simply as asphalt or AC.

is a composite material commonly used for construction of highways and parking lots.. It consists of asphalt binder and mineral aggregate mixed together then laid down in layers and compacted

The terms asphalt concrete, bituminous asphalt concrete, etc., are typically used only in engineering jargon. Asphalt pavements are often called just asphalt by laypersons who tend to associate the term concrete with Portland cement concrete only. The engineering definition of concrete is any composite material composed of mineral aggregate glued together with a binder, whether that binder is Portland cement, asphalt or even epoxy. Informally, asphalt concrete is also referred to as blacktop.



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Oden & Doucette Seal Coating
101 S Coombs St # E, Napa, CA 707 255-2207

Rinker Materials Corp
7059 Tremont Rd, Dixon, CA 707 678-4311

Rinker Materials Corp
1601 Cement Hill Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 422-2520

Slinsen Construction Co
973 Enterprise Way, Napa, CA 707 224-6527

Syar Industries Inc
2301 Napa Vallejo Hwy, Napa, CA 707 252-8711

Syar Industries
4969 Vanden Rd, Vacaville, CA 707 439-9880

Syar Industries Inc
260 Todd Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 707 584-0262

Asphalt concrete is often touted as being 100% recyclable. Several in-place recycling techniques have been developed to rejuvenate oxidized binders and remove cracking, although the recycled material is generally not very water-tight or smooth and should be overlaid with a new layer of asphalt concrete. Asphalt concrete that is removed from a pavement is usually stockpiled for later use as a base course material. This reclaimed material, commonly known by the acronym 'RAP' for recycled or reclaimed asphalt pavement, is crushed to a consistent gradation and added to the HMA mixing process. Very little asphalt concrete is actually disposed of in landfills. Sometimes waste materials, such as rubber from old tires, are added to asphalt concrete as is the case with rubberized asphalt, but there is a concern that the hybrid material may not be recyclable.

Asphalt deterioration can include alligator cracks, potholes, upheaval, raveling, rutting, shoving, stripping, and grade depressions.

Asphalt concrete pavements—especially those at airfields—are sometimes called tarmac for historical reasons, although they do not contain tar and are not constructed using the macadam process.


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