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Tile Contractors and Tiles

There are many types of Tile. Ceramic, ceramic, with a hard glaze finish, stone, metal, or even

glass tiles, marble, granite, slate, and reformed ceramic slurry, which is cast in a mould and fired are manufactured and readily available. Tiles are often used to form wall and floor coverings, and can range from simple square tiles to complex mosaics. Tiles can be used for covering roofs, floors, and walls, showers, or other objects such as tabletops. Ceiling tiles are made from lightweight materials such as perlite, wood, vinyl, and mineral wool.

Few people are familiar enough with tiles or laying tiles to do their own work. When that's the case, as it often is you call a tile contactor is is familiar with the material and knows what procedures are needed to lay the tile properly not only for it'ws beauty but longevity.

Floor tiles

Ceramic tiles may be painted and glazed. Small mosaic tiles may be laid in various patterns. Floor tiles are typically set into mortar consisting of sand, cement and often a latex additive for extra adhesion. The spaces between the tiles are nowadays filled with sanded or unsanded floor grout, but traditionally mortar was used. Natural stone tiles can be beautiful but as a natural product they are less uniform in color and pattern, and require more planning for use and installation. Mass produced stone tiles are uniform in width and length. Granite or marble tiles are sawn on both sides and then polished or finished on the facing up side, so that they have a uniform thickness. Other natural stone tiles such as slate are typically "riven" (split) on the facing up side so that the thickness of the tile varies slightly from one spot on the tile to another and from one tile to another. Variations in tile thickness can be handled by adjusting the amount of mortar under each part of the tile, by using wide grout lines that "ramp" between different thicknesses, or by using a cold chisel to knock off high spots.



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Artiszen Tile Stone Mosaic  *
Unique tile installations, specializing in porcelain, glass, stone, mosaic
We focus on integrity, craftsmanship and honest business
707-649-8984  email
Business Hours: 7am to 5pm

Alpha & Omega Tile
1629 Los Carneros Ave, Napa, CA 707-224-2867

Alpha & Omega Tile
1629 Los Carneros Ave, Napa, CA 707-224-2867

Carpet One Floor & Home Design
910 Enterprise Way, Napa, CA 707-224-6994

Dan the Tile Man
1857 Locust St, Napa, CA 707-257-8579

Design Showcase
1758 Industrial Way # 208, Napa, CA 707-255-7115

H & H Design Inc
1096 Terrace Dr, Napa, CA 707-253-7888

Henderson Tile
Napa, CA 707-224-1070

Hood Ceramic Tile Co
1686 El Centro Ave, Napa, CA 707-255-2827

J & M Tile Co
2120 Devonshire Dr, Napa, CA 707-226-6613

K Trekkor Wills Tile
Old Sonoma Rd, Napa, CA 707-252-3234

Mastercraft Tile
1056 Hilton Ave, Napa, CA 707-257-3233

Miracle Method
1758 Industrial Way # 121, Napa, CA 707-224-4066

Napa Kitchen & Bath
477 Walnut, Napa, CA707-226-6063

Northbay Tile Co
Angwin, CA 707-965-3911

Northbay Tile Co
2075 Coombsville Rd, Napa, CA 707-257-0405

Phillips Tile Company Inc
3231 California Blvd, Napa, CA 707-226-1806

Pro Craft Tile Co
59 Summerbrooke Cir, Napa, CA 707-252-2289

Satler Natural Marble & Grnte
917 Enterprise Way # A, Napa, CA 707-253-1746

Sticks-N-Stones Construction
Napa, CA 707-226-5824

T C Ables Tile
6424 Washington St, Yountville, CA 707-257-6489
Natural stone tiles can be stained by spilled liquids; they must be sealed and periodically resealed with a sealant in contrast to ceramic tiles which only need their grout lines sealed. However, because of the complex, non repeating patterns in natural stone, small amounts of dirt on many natural stone floor tiles do not show.

Most vendors of stone tiles emphasize that there will be variation in color and pattern from one batch of tiles to another of the same description and variation within the same batch.

Stone floor tiles tend to be heavier than ceramic tiles and somewhat more prone to breakage during shipment


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