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American Chinese cuisine refers to the style of food served by Chinese restaurants in the United States.

This type of cooking typically caters to Western tastes, and differs significantly from the cuisine of China. Some restaurants advertise their status by writing "Western food" on their signs in Chinese or by using the term Chinese American in their signage. It alerts those who seek more traditional dishes, while still attracting those who are either unable to read Chinese or are looking for westernized fare. Canadian Chinese cuisine is quite similar to American Chinese cuisine.

American Chinese food typically treats vegetables as garnish while cuisines of China emphasize vegetables. This can be seen in the use of carrots and tomatoes. Native Chinese cuisine makes frequent use of Asian leafy vegetables like bok choy and gai-lan and puts a greater emphasis on fresh meat and live seafood. As a result, American Chinese food is usually less pungent than authentic cuisine.

A Chinese buffet restaurant in the U.S. American Chinese food tends to be cooked very quickly with lots of oil and salt. Many dishes are quickly and easily prepared, and require inexpensive ingredients. Stir-frying, pan-frying, and deep-frying tend to be the most common cooking techniques which are all easily done using a wok. The food also has a reputation for high levels of MSG to enhance the flavor. The symptoms of MSG sensitivity have been dubbed "Chinese restaurant syndrome" or "Chinese food syndrome."


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Alphabetical Listings

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Annalien Restaurant French, Southeast Asian, Vietnamese
1142 Main St. (1st & Pearl Sts.) Napa, CA 707 224-8319

Asia Cafe Carry Out  Chinese 
825 Main St, Napa, CA 707-224-0840

Beijing Express - Carry Out  Chinese 
721 Lincoln Ave, Napa, CA 707-226-1883

Bui Bistro
976 Pearl St, Napa, CA 94559  707 255-5417 French-Vietnamese

China House Chinese 
2940 Jefferson St, Napa, CA 94558   707-226-8881

China Light Restaurant
Chinese  Carry Out
1012 1st St, Napa, CA  94559 707-226-2809

Eiko's Modern Japanese Cuisine Sushi, Sea Food Japanese
1385 1st St., Napa, CA 94559  707-501-4444

Fujiya Restaurant Premium Factory Outlets Carry Out  Japanese
921 Factory Stores Dr, Napa, CA 707-257-0639

Go Fish  - Sushi, Sea Food Japanese
Romantic, Child-friendly, Outdoor seating
One of the most popular places in town with visitors
641 Main St., St. Helena, CA 94574 707 963-0700
Average price: $50 
Traveler Rating

Joy Luck House Chinese
1144 Jordan Ln, Napa, CA 707-224-8788

Kitani Sushi  Japanese
1631 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA 707-942-6857

Mandarin Chinese Restaurant Carry Out  Chinese 
Serves Lunch. Dinner. Changed hands recently. Getting Good Reviews. Better than the original. Lunch Special until 3 PM. Lunch Average $10.00 PP Diner $18 PP If you like Chinese here great prices combines with good food. Good Reviews
Food Rating Price $18-$24 Dinner $10 Lunch
Traveler Rating
1675 Trancas St, Napa, CA 707-224-8507 

Mini Garden Chinese Restaurant Carry Out  Chinese 
3381 California Blvd, Napa, CA 707-224-2909

Peking Palace Carry Out  Chinese 
1001 2nd St # 112, Napa, CA 707-257-7197

Restaurant Budo - Oriental
710 Randean Way, Napa, CA 707-224-2330

Rice Garden  Chinese 
1312 Trancas St, Napa, CA 707-226-7979

Soo Yuan Restaurant Carry Out  Chinese 
1354 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA 94515-1702 707 942-9404

Siam Thai Restaurant - Thai
1139 Lincoln Ave, Napa, CA 707-226-7749
Price $

Sushi Mambo - Carry Out  Japanese 
1202 1st St, Napa, CA 707-257-6604

Thai Kitchen Restaurant Carry Out  Thai 
1222 Trancas St, Napa, CA

Wah Sing Chinese Restaurant Carry Out  Chinese 
1445 W Imola Ave

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Since belief that MSG is harmful to some people is a popular conception, market forces and customer demand have encouraged many restaurants to offer "MSG Free" or "No MSG" menus.

Most American Chinese establishments cater to non-Chinese customers with menus written in English or containing pictures. If separate Chinese-language menus are available, they typically feature delicacies like liver or exotic meat dishes that might deter Western customers.

 Since the early 1990s, many American Chinese restaurants influenced by the cuisine of California have opened in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The trademark dishes of American Chinese cuisine remain on the menu, but there is more emphasis on fresh vegetables, and the selection is vegetarian-friendly.

This new cuisine has exotic ingredients like mangos and portobello mushrooms. Brown rice is often offered as an optional alternative to white rice.



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