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A security is a fungible, negotiable instrument representing

financial value. Securities are broadly categorized into debt and equity securities such as bonds and common stocks, respectively. The company or other entity issuing the security is called the issuer. What specifically qualifies as a security is dependent on the regulatory structure in a country. For example private investment pools may have some features of securities, but they may not be registered or regulated as such if they meet various restrictions.

Securities may be represented by a certificate or, more typically, by an electronic book entry. Certificates may be bearer, meaning they entitle the holder to rights under the security merely by holding the security, or registered, meaning they entitle the holder to rights only if he or she appears on a security register maintained by the issuer or an intermediary. They include shares of corporate stock or mutual funds, bonds issued by corporations or governmental agencies, stock options or other options, limited partnership units, and various other formal investment instruments that are negotiable and fungible.


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Alphabetical Listings

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A G Edwards & Sons Inc
Investment Securities - Stock & Bond Brokers - Mutual Funds
433 Soscol Ave # 100, Napa, CA 707 258-6135

Charles Schwab & Co -
Investment Securities
1700 Soscol Ave # 3, Napa, CA 707 259-2900

Dan Moore Tax & Financial Svc -
Investment Securities
1547 3rd St, Napa, CA 707 257-7600

Dowse Securities Management -
Investment Securities
1303 Jefferson St # 400A, Napa, CA 707 224-7546

Edward Jones  -
Investment Securities
1154 Main St, St Helena, CA 707 963-3812

Edward Jones -
Investment Securities - Stock & Bond Brokers
1543 3rd St, Napa, CA 707 258-0240

Edward Jones -
Investment Securities - Stock & Bond Brokers
1806 Jefferson St, Napa, CA 707 258-8539

Lattimer Co -
Investment Securities
15 Edith Ct, Napa, CA 707 226-9350

Lisa E Seran Certified Financial Planner  -
Investment Securities
PO Box 5291, Napa, CA 707 252-1915

Merrill Lynch
Investment Securities - Stock & Bond Brokers - Mutual Funds
1715 2nd St, Napa, CA 707 255-5559 I-S-M

Securities America Inc  -
Investment Securities
33 Sea Breeze Ct, Napa, CA 707 224-5115

UBS Financial Svc -
Investment Securities - Stock & Bond Brokers
703 Trancas St, Napa, CA 707 254-1500

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