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In the United States, firewood is usually sold by the cord, - a woodpile measured at 8 ft wide 4 ft high of 4 ft-long logs.
The cord is legally defined by statute in most states.

The only measurement of firewood that is regulated is a cord. All other measurements including 1/3 cord, half cord, and truckloads are not regulated. Also, firewood can either be seasoned or unseasoned and that can affect the price. In addition firewood can be either hardwood such as Apple, Cherry, Maple, Oak or Walnut or softwood such as Fir, Hemlock, Pine or Spruce each with its own characteristics. Hardwoods tend to have a higher heating value than softwoods. However hardwoods tend to be harder to split and harder to ignite than softwoods. Whereas softwoods tend to burn more quickly with a crackling sound and produce more residue than hardwoods. An exception is the hardwoods Alder and Birch which burn like hardwoods but split like softwoods.


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Bruce Hurst Firewood & Tree
4209 Napa Vallejo Hwy, American Canyon, CA 94503

Terry's Tree Svc
2350 Pine St, Napa, CA 94559
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Some firewood is harvested in "woodlots" managed for that purpose, but in heavily wooded areas it is more usually harvested as a byproduct of natural forests. Deadfall that has not started to rot is preferred, since it is already partly seasoned. Standing dead timber is considered better still, as it is both seasoned and has less rot. Harvesting this form of timber reduces the speed and intensity of bushfires. Harvesting timber for firewood is normally carried out by hand with chainsaws. Thus, longer pieces - requiring less manual labor, and less chainsaw fuel - are less expensive and only limited by the size of their firebox. Prices also vary considerably with the distance from wood lots, and quality of the wood.


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