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Self storage facilities are businesses composed of real estate or personal property cargo transit

 containers divided into self storage spaces that are rented to rental space tenants on a monthly basis.

The storage units or rooms are typically windowless, walled with corrugated metal, and lockable by the renter. Chain-link fencing or wire mesh may function as a more secure ceiling than a suspended ceiling. Units are different sized, from small closets to enough space to store all the contents of a multi-story house. Larger units generally have roll-up type garage doors. A controlled access facility may employ security guards, surveillance cameras, individual unit door alarms and some means of electronic gate access such as a keypad or prox card. Some facilities even use biometric thumbprint or hand scanners to ensure that access is granted only to those that rent.

RV Storage In rural areas most facilities contain multiple single-story buildings with units that open to the outside. In suburban areas most facilities contain one or multiple one to three story buildings using passenger & freight elevators or a materials lift to move the goods to the upper floors. Ground floor unit access is still direct to the outside. Urban areas self storage facilities are often converted multi-story warehouses. Loading docks are used on the ground floor and complimentary rolling carts or moving dollies are used by the customers to access freight elevators that take them to the floor their unit is on. Urban self storage facilities might contain only a few floors in a much larger building; there are successful self storage businesses cohabitating with light manufacturing, office tenants and even a public school [citation needed].

Customers are generally allowed to store any non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-perishable material in the facility: personal items, furniture, motorcycles, overstocked retail wares, etc. Industry surveys indicate that 44% of clients are moving, 34% don't have enough space currently, and 15% of clients are people with business needs  Customers are prohibited from sleeping or otherwise living in the room.

If the customer fails to pay the rent, a lien is placed on the customer's goods and they are sold at auction. The storage facility lien rights are codified in most states. The customer is still responsible for any rent and fees due if the auction does not clear their balance. (i.e California Self-Service Storage Facility Act, Business & Professions code Sec 21700 et seq.)



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Alphabetical Listings

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All American Mini Storage Inc   - Storage Facility
Warehouses-Private & Public, Recreational Vehicles-Storage, Boat Storage
1111 Soscol Ferry Rd, Napa, CA 707-224-3513

American Canyon Mini & RV
  - Storage Facility
3700 Broadway St, American Canyon, CA 707-642-7437

Arco's Boat & RV Storage
 - Storage Facility
5100 Knoxville Rd, Napa, CA 707-966-5555

Browns Valley Self Storage
 - Storage Facility
2664 1st St, Napa, CA 707-226-3288

Business Records & Documents-Storage
PO Box 2261, Napa, CA 707-224-6899

Calistoga Self Storage  - Storage Facility
504 Washington St, Calistoga, CA 707-942-6524

Canyon Wine Storage & Shipping
 - Storage Facility
1175 Commerce Blvd, American Canyon, CA 707-556-3211

D Mrn Public Storage
 - Storage Facility
1775 Napa 1775 Industrial Wy, Napa, CA 707-255-7173

Holmes Van & Storage
Business Records & Documents-Storage
253 Walnut St # C, Napa, CA 707-226-7379

Napa Cellars & Storage  - Storage Facility
211 Devlin Rd, Napa, CA 707-226-2020

Napa Cold Storage  - Storage Facility
Warehouses - Cold Storage, Warehouses-Private & Public
3100 Golden Gate Dr, Napa, CA 707-224-2524

Napa Midtown Storage Ctr  - Storage Facility
Warehouses-Mini & Self Storage
895 Jackson St, Napa, CA 707-257-8877

Napa Self Storage  - Storage Facility
473 Walnut St, Napa, CA 707-253-0629

Napa Wine Lockers
 - Storage Facility
730 California Blvd, Napa, CA 707-257-2903

 - Storage Facility
352 Green Island Rd # B, American Canyon, CA 707-644-6900

Maher's Mini Storage
 - Storage Facility
125 Lombard Rd, American Canyon, CA 707-642-7809

Napa Valley Wine Storage
 - Storage Facility
Warehouses-Mini & Self Storage
1135 Golden Gate Dr, Napa, CA 707-265-9990

Pacific Storage Comp  - Storage Facility
1720 Broadway, Napa, CA 707-255-0910

Pridmore Ranch Storage
 - Storage Facility
1305 Capell Valley Rd, Napa, CA 707-224-0682

Public Storage
 - Storage Facility
1775 Industrial Way, Napa, CA 707-255-7173

River Park Self Storage
700 Joliet Way, Napa, CA 707-224-7727

Security Self Storage Inc  - Storage Facility
219 Walnut St, Napa, CA 707-257-8154

Silverado Towing  - Auto Storage
3038 Old Sonoma Rd, Napa, CA 707-224-8726

Southgate Mini Storage  - Storage Facility
Warehouses-Mini & Self Storage
1025 Golden Gate Dr, Napa, CA 707-255-1677

Specialized Storage Solutions  - Storage Facility
Napa, CA 707-254-8336

St Helena Self Storage  - Storage Facility
950 Vintage Ave, St Helena, CA 707-963-8199

Storage Business Center
110 Gin Ridge Rd, St Helena, CA 707-963-2545

Storage By George  - Storage Facility
Business Records & Documents-Storage

1135 Golden Gate Dr, Napa, CA 707-224-8400

Valley Wine Warehouse    - Storage Facility
Warehouses-Merchandise & Self Storage
175 Tower Rd, American Canyon, CA 707-259-0250

Walkup Drayage & Warehouse Co   - Storage Facility
Warehouses-Merchandise & Self Storage
700 Hanna Dr, American Canyon, CA 707-648-1890

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