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Soaps and Natural cleaning products are substances used to clean, deodorize,

and/or disinfect which have natural substances as their active ingredients. In some cases, natural cleaning products may be less damaging to the environment and safer for humans and pets than conventional cleaning products.






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Bath and Body Collective
6525 Washington, Yountville, Ca. 94599 707 944-2339
Calla Lily
1222 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574-1901 707 944-1540
Napa Soap Company
707 942-1024
Mudd Hens
1348 Lincoln Av. Calistoga, Ca. 94515  707 963-5010
Wexford and Woods
1347 Lincoln Av. Calistoga, Ca. 94515  707 942-9729
Hydrotherapy, formerly called hydropathy involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating illness. The term hydrotherapy itself is synonymous with the term water cure as it was originally marketed by practitioners and promoters in the 1800s. A hydrotherapist therefore, is someone who practices hydrotherapy.

Water cure has since come to have two opposing definitions, which can cause confusion.

(a) Water cure therapy a course of medical treatment by hydrotherapy
(b) water cure torture a form of torture in which a person is forced to drink large quantities of water.
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