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A veterinarian or a veterinary surgeon, often shortened to vet, is a physician for animals and a practitioner of veterinary medicine.

Although veterinarians in many countries may have been awarded with doctoral degrees and receive extensive training in veterinary medical practice, there are many career fields open to those with veterinary degrees other than clinical practice. Those that do work in clinical settings often practice medicine in specific fields, such as companion animal or "pet" medicine, livestock medicine, equine medicine (e.g. sport, race track, show, rodeo), laboratory animal medicine, reptile medicine, or ratite medicine or they may specialize in medical disciplines such as surgery, dermatology or internal medicine, after post-graduate training and certification.

Many veterinarians pursue post-graduate training and enter research careers and have contributed many advances in many human and veterinary medical fields, including pharmacology. Research veterinarians were the first to isolate oncoviruses, Salmonella species, Brucella species, and various other pathogenic agents. Veterinarians were in the fore-front in the effort to suppress malaria and yellow fever in the United States, and a veterinarian was the first to note disease caused by West Nile Virus in New York zoo animals. Veterinarians determined the identity of the botulism disease-causing agent; produced an anticoagulant used to treat human heart disease; and developed surgical techniques for humans, such as hip-joint replacement, and limb and organ transplants.


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Ahern, Peter C DVM
Practice Limited to Large Animals  707 996-1268
All Valley Equine -  Dr. Jeffrey J. Smith DVM
Specialized Equine Dentistry  707 987-2000
Alley Cat Small Animal Hosp
1041 Wine Country Ave, Napa, CA 94558 707 224-2525
Animal Kingdom Veterinary Services
3164 Dry Creek Rd, Napa, CA 94558 707 254-0500
Atckison, Lisa DVM - Napa Valley Veterinary Hospital
3198 Silverado Tr, Napa, CA 94558  707 224-8604
Bethard, Michal D
1443 Main, Napa, CA 94559  707 255-1734
Bleviss, Mara DVM - Silverado Veterinary Hospital
2035 Silverado Tr, Napa, CA 94558  707 224-7953
Breandwhan, Elise, DVM
1119 Third Ave, Napa, CA 94559 707-252-3390
California Pet Hospital
3131 California Blvd, Napa, CA 94558  707 255-6832
Campbell, Julia DVM ABVP - Napa Veterinary Hospital
3198 Silverado Tr, Napa, CA 94558  707 224-8604
Casselberry, Thomas E DVM - Practice limited to Horses & Cattle
Napa, CA   707255-1354
Cornejo, Catherine DVM
3164 Dry Creek Rd, Napa, CA 94558  707-254-0500
Enna Keely DVM
2035 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558  707-224-7953
Flowers Shelley DVM
2035 Silverado Trail, Napa, Ca 94558  707224-7953
Franquelin, Steve DVM
2960 Footlhill Blvd, Calistoga, CA 94515  707 942-0404
Gold, David DVM
584 Main St, St. Helena CA 94574  707 963-3094
Gouveia A F DVM
1163 Ehlers Ln, St. Helena CA 94574  707 963-7161
Harris, Laurel A DVM
Rutherford, CA  707 963-8340
Hess, Paul O DVM
2035 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558  707 224-7953
Humane Society of Napa County
3265 California Blvd, Napa CA 94558 707 252-7442
Irvine Rock DVM
517 Lincoln Avenue, Napa, Ca 94558  707 257-8866
Irving Andrew M DVM
501 Lincoln Ave Napa, Ca 94558  707-224-3801
Kimsey, Sally DVM
7227 Pope Valley Rd, Pope Valley, CA 94567  707-965-2675
Napa Small Animal Hospital
517 Lincoln Avenue, Napa, CA 94558  707-257-8866
Landers, Amanda DVM
2035 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558  707 224-7953
Llanes, Stacy DVM  707 996-1268
Lung, Randy R DVM
3131 California Blvd, Napa CA 94558  707-255-6832
Northrup, Jeff DVM
3198 Silverado Trail Napa, CA 94558  707 224-8604
Plagman, Theresa DVM
517 Lincoln Ave Napa, CA 94558  707-257-8866
Roher, Tracy  DVM
517 Lincoln Ave Napa, CA 94558  707-257-8866
Sally the Vet
7227 Pope Valley Rd. Pope Valley CA 94567  707 965-2675
Silverado Veterinary Hospital
2035 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558  707-224-7953
Solano-Napa Pet Emergency Clinic
4437 Central Place, Cordelia CA 94534  700 864-1444
Sonder, Claudia DVM
3198 Silverado Tr. Napa CA 94558  707 224-8604
VIP Petcare Services Pet Vaccination Clinic in Pet Food Express
3916 BelAire Plaza, Napa, CA 94558  707-265-8888
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