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Choosing "The Right Agent" is a very important decision whether you are buying or selling a home.

Two of the most popular ways to choose and agent are by location and by specialty.

Location: One way to choose an agent is to  - Go Local. Although any licensed agent can sell you a home anywhere in the state, let's face facts  --  a San Diego agent just can not provide you with the service that a local Napa Valley agent can. For one thing,  it is hard to take you out to see a home. For another a San Diego agent may have no idea of the peculiarities of a local market.

In the same way,  choosing an agent that specializes in a city can often be a better idea then choosing an agent that services the entire county area. That said, let me add that some agents, with "many years of local  experience," can do a very good job for you. A local agent probably KNOWS the area and most everything about it so you will most probably get better, more professional and more personal service from a city agent.     

Specialists: The other way to choose and agent is by what you are hoping to buy or sell.

Again any licensed agent can sell you most any property but, if you are looking for a vineyard with all of the ins and outs of agricultural properties and vineyards would you necessarily want an agent whose specialty is senior citizens and meeting their needs? The knowledge and experience base is entirely different for these 2 specialties.

If you speak Spanish as your main language it may help if your agent also spoke Spanish to avoid communication problems. You might want an agent who Habla Español New home buyers would do well to find an agent specializing in the intricacies of people who have never bought a home before since new home buyers have different needs from someone who has already successfully purchased, paid on and lived in their own home. You might want an agent who specializes in your needs as First Time Buyers  If you are buying a home you want your own buyers agent who represents your needs. You do not want to buy from the listing agent because she or he actually have contracted to represent the best interest of the seller. You might choose a Buyers Agent.

Choose the agent that meets your needs at the Home of Napa Valley - Sonoma Real Estate - , where we meet your needs and help our advertisers succeed in meeting them as well. 

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