There are many types of retirement and nursing situations and facilities available for the elderly and they are chosen for various reasons. Senior mobile home parks are of course for independent seniors who may want to move out of a larger home with too many rooms and too much work to something more compact that requires less maintenance. Then there are retirement facilities such as A retirement homes of  retirement villages and retirement communities Unlike retirement home,  the villages and communities offer separate and autonomous homes for residents. These differ from residential care homes and  nursing home  primarily in the level of medical care given. 

You may notice that some nursing homes offer every type of environment spanning from retirement homes and communities all the way to the nursing facility which offers a higher level of medical care. A nursing home with these types of environmental possibilities is an advantage when and if more care is needed. Movement within the facility can be made easily and often painlessly. They are often more expensive however than a residential care facility or a retirement facility so many people make the move to a facility providing more medical care if or when that is needed.