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A National Historic Landmark (NHL) is a

building, district, site, structure, or object, almost always within the United States, officially recognized by the United States government for its historical significance. Landmarks are designated by the United States Secretary of the Interior because they are:

Sites where events of national historical significance occurred;
Places where prominent Americans lived or worked;
Icons of ideals that shaped the nation;
Outstanding examples of design or construction;
Places characterizing a way of life; or
Archeological sites able to yield information.

More than half of the National Historic Landmarks are privately owned. There are currently fewer than 2500 NHLs. The National Historic Landmarks Program relies on suggestions for new designations from the National Park Service, which also assists in maintaining the landmarks. A friends group of owners and managers, the National Historic Landmark Stewards Association, also works to preserve, protect and promote National Historic Landmarks.

If not already listed on the National Register of Historic Places, an NHL is automatically added to the Register upon designation. About three percent of Register listings are NHLs.


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Alphabetical Listings

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Bale Grist Mill
About ten minutes south of Calistoga on Highway 29/128.
Bothe- Napa Valley State Park
3 miles south of Calistoga on Highway 29/128. 800-444-7275 707-942-4575
Beringer Brothers Winery
2000 Main St, St. Helena
Calistogo Depot
1458 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga, CA 94515 
Charles Krug Winery
Krug Ranch, 2800 Main St, St. Helena.
First Presbyterian Chirch Building
1333 3rd St between Randolph and Franklin Sts, Napa.
Charles Yount Blockhouse
NE corner of Cook Rd. and Yount Mill Rd, 1 mi N of Yountville.
Robert Louis Stevenson State Park
Hwy 29, 7.5 mi NE of Calistoga (PM 45.5), then 1 mile on trail to site.  707 942-4575.
Sam Brannan Store and Cottage, Calistoga
1311 Washington St, Calistoga, Ca 94515
Twentieth Century Folk Art Environment
6654 Pope Valley Rd (PM 14.3), 2.1 mi NW of Pope Valley.
Veterans Home of California
SW corner of California Dr and Hwy 29, Yountville.
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