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Nov 4, 2005
For Immediate Release
St Helena

Subject: St Helena Welcomes
Attorney Douglas D. Durward - New Law Office


Saint Helena, CA   Attorney Douglas D. Durward has opened up his own law practice in the heart of downtown St. Helena, where he works on cases involving family law, juvenile dependency and federal civil rights litigation.  Always known as a champion of the “little guy”, Mr. Durward comes to St. Helena from a firm in San Jose which focused on pursuing civil rights violations, particularly those involving social workers working with Child Protective Services.  When his wife, Rev. Amy Beth Durward of the United Methodist Church, was asked to come serve the congregation in St. Helena, both Mr. & Mrs. Durward were eager to come to the beautiful Napa Valley with their two children (Donovan, 3, and Melinda, 7 months).   Mr. Durward’s contact information can all be found at



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