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What a wonderful gift idea
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What a Wonderful Gift Idea!
By Patricia Montgomery

What's new in gift giving these days?

How about something that will probably be appreciated by everyone, looks great, lasts for generations and is inexpensive?

Do you have a great photo that would terrific as a painting? Most everyone does but they doesn't recognize the potential, or if they do, think it would just cost too much to make it into a painting that would last many life times. 

Not so anymore.   

How about Painting from your photo Beautiful handmade oil portraits .From $89   and custom paintings from photos of your wedding, a  child, a pet, of friends or family, of your self, your house, vehicle or a landscape in oil, charcoal,  watercolor, pencil, acrylic or pastel for even less.

I am am a very happy customer and here is why I am writing this article.

I found an old Polaroid photo of my dad in a box. It was starting to fade but he look so dashing in it I thought it would make a great portrait.

I ran across Paint Your Life and they said they could turn the old Polaroid into a portrait oil painting for me quickly, easily, and inexpensively and the work would be guaranteed. They said they would let me ask for modifications until I was 100% satisfied!

I decided on a 30 inch x 40 inch portrait which cost me under $300. I was amazed at the price but this made me unsure about the quality and if I would really be happy enough with it to give it to my dad.

I took the chance - after all it was guaranteed. My dads photo was hand painted by real live artists. It wasn't computer generated. When I received the oil painting I was stunned. The old Polaroid had turned into a perfect portrait - an oil painting - on canvas - of my dad. I couldn't have been happier except for one thing...

When I gave the portrait to my dad he was thrilled to have it and thought it fantastic. Embarrassingly enough he said it must have cost thousands and offered to help me pay for it. You know dads. I didn't accept naturally, and told him it was a gift from me, and no he couldn't help defray any of the cost. I didn't tell him how little it really cost me.

When he hung it up however, I noticed a peculiarity about the painting that I didn't see when I had it up close. The eyes, I noticed were looking at me when I looked at it from one side of the room and then again from the other side. - they seemed to follow me as I walked across the room. I love it!

I don't know how the artist did that or if it happens on all the painting with all the artists but it did with this one. As far as I am concerned this painting is a masterpiece.  

Patricia Montgomery 

Other Testimonials can be found at 

Click on one photos on the right (which don't do the work any justice I'm sorry to say) and get an idea of what can be done. 

The work is top quality - All our artworks are created by hand by experienced professional artists using top quality paints and materials.

Prices - Our prices are affordable - oil portraits on canvas from $89 and charcoal portraits from $69 only!

The Design - Portrait artists can combine several photos into 1 painting.

Handpainted - The artworks are hand painted by real live artists. They are NOT computer generated.

The Guarantee - Satisfaction is guaranteed. They let you ask for modifications until you are 100% satisfied!

Delivery - Their unique express service makes our portraits an ideal last minute gift.

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