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What is happening with Real Estate in Napa Valley right now?
Everyone is asking the same question and the answer is not easy.
Which price range?  What area?

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What is happening with Real Estate in Napa Valley right now?

Everyone is asking the same question and the answer is not easy.

Which price range?  What area?


The news media paints the Real Estate market with a broad brush and all properties from coast to coast are lumped together and covered by the by broad statements like “the prices are going down”, the “foreclosures are up” and “now is not a good time to sell”.


It takes a savvy investor to see through the fog and exercise independent critical thinking and not follow the pack.  Smart people shop when there is the least competition and see an opportunity when others don’t.

For example: if prices are down in a particular area by 10% across the board and you want to sell, is it a lousy time to sell?  Not necessarily. Whether it is good time or a bad time will depend on what you want to accomplish.

If you want to move up and your current home had a market value of $500,000 a couple of years ago, and now has a market value of $450,000, most people get stuck on the idea that they “lost” $50,000 in appreciation, and they will stay put, even though the family needs to move. 

The savvy investor looks at the TOTAL PICTURE, not just the sale of their current home, but also the cost of purchasing the replacement home.  With the prices down, the $800,000 home of a few years ago may now be purchased for $720,000?  Looking at the total scenario, the sale and the purchase, is that not a net gain of $30,000 when all is said and done? 

Also, the new property taxes will be based on the purchase price of $720,000 instead of $800,000 giving an additional continued savings to the new owner.  So was this a bad time to sell?  No.  It was a good time to sell because it was a good time to buy.  The gain came at the buying end.

An overly simplified example, but it points out the fact that you have to evaluate your personal circumstances and see what opportunities lie in the current market.  Donald Trump has always maintained that there are opportunities in every market and while he does not make my “hero of all time” list, he has made of a lot of money and he did not do that by being stupid.  He believes in opportunity in every market and we believe that too.

The market is constantly changing and different clients benefit from different conditions in the market.



What if you are buying down?  Using the same example as above, is that not a net loss of $30,000?  Potentially yes, but with the bountiful inventory currently available, you can take your time in shopping and looking for the home in the best location and the best benefits that will give you the most joy in the years to come.  It is better than having to compete with every Tom-Dick-and-Harry in an almost auction type atmosphere that we had a few years ago.  You have choices, and time to make up your mind about that most important purchase: your home.

A couple of years ago analytical people did not stand a chance in the fierce competitive atmosphere of mobs of people rushing to buy a home, anywhere, at almost any price.  There was no time to think, to evaluate and decide.  If you wanted to buy, you had to buy now and move fast and pay over the asking price if you really wanted to own a home.  It was a competition, not a regular process for buying a home.


Today the market welcomes the buyer who is cautious, who wants to think things through and understand the process before proceeding.  Teachers, engineers, accountants, first time buyers, investors…this is the market.  There is time to evaluate what you get for your money; there is time to do a thorough analysis of your personal tax-benefits of property ownership; you can shop around and make your selection without 10 people breathing down your neck and rushing you into a hasty decision; you have time to choose the best loan for your needs so you will not become one of the distressed borrowers that seem to make the headlines today.  You will have time to study and understand what you are signing.  You have TIME to decide.

Financing is still available at low interest rates, and there are plenty of loan programs available. You have CHOICES in loan programs and the rates are historically still quite low, mostly under 7% with no points.


High inventory, motivated sellers, low interest rates…How can that be a bad market?

30 years ago Napa homes sold for $45,000-$60,000 in areas of North Napa.  Looking back, would it have been a mistake to buy one those homes?  Maybe even a couple?

Real Estate is a long term investment, and looking forward 7 to 10 years, we still believe it to be a good decision.  Stocks may loose their value down to almost zero…real estate has shown that even with the ups and downs, it still leads the pack as a sound long-term investment.



So, what is the point of this letter?

Simply put: THINK FOR YOURSELF!  Look at your personal circumstances and decide if real estate will make sense for you and then talk to us.  We will give you information that will help you decide what is the best decision for you.

We encourage you to call us for current the statistics, market information, the property details, and all the other information that will help you in your search for answers. 

We know the lenders who will explain things to you, we can advise you on the inspections to get to get a good picture of the property condition and we can guide you through the complicated sales process so you will end up where you want to be.


Heli Sairanen
Broker Associate, Realtor since 1976
Certified Residential Specialist
Coldwell Banker President's Circle
Real Estate Instructor
Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley
1775 Lincoln Avenue
Napa, Ca. 94558

Office 707-258-5220
Fax 707-253-1042
Cellular 707-480-6266





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