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Harvest is the picking of the grapes and in many ways the first step in wine production. Grapes are either harvested mechanically or by hand. The decision to harvest grapes is typically made by the winemaker and informed by the level of sugar (called °Brix), acid (TA or Titratable Acidity as expressed by tartaric acid equivalents) and pH of the grapes, as well as berry flavor, tannin development and overall disposition of the grapevine and weather forecasts. °Brix is a measure of the soluble solids in the grape juice and represents not only the sugars but also acids and to a lesser degree esters, terpenes and tannins. The level of sugar in the grapes is important not only because it will determine the final alcohol content of the wine, but also because it is an indirect index of grape maturity.

Mechanical harvesters are large tractors that straddle grapevine trellises and, using firm plastic or rubber rods, strike the fruiting zone of the grapevine to dislodge the grapes from the rachis. Mechanical harvestors have the advantage of being able to cover a large area of vineyard land in a relatively short period of time, and with a minimum investment of manpower per harvested ton. A disadvantage of mechanical harvesting is the indiscriminate inclusion of foreign non-grape material in the gondola by the action of the harvestor. Depending on the trellis system and grapevine canopy management, this foreign material can be moldy grapes, leaves, canes, metal debris, rocks and even small animals. Some winegrowers remove leaves and loose debris from the grapevine before mechanical harvesting to avoid such material being included in the harvested fruit. In the United States mechanical harvesting is seldom used for premium winemaking because of the indiscriminate picking and increased oxidation of the grape juice. In other countries (such as Australia and New Zealand), mechanical harvesting of premium winegrapes is more common because of general labor shortages.


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Philippe-Lorraine Wine
1315 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574-1904 707 963-0121
Prager Winery Bed & Breakfast
1281 Lewelling Ln, St Helena, CA 94574-2235 707 963-3720 email

Hours Daily 10:30 Am - 4:30 PM
Quail Ridge Cellars & Vineyard
1155 Mee Ln, St Helena, CA 94574-9792 707 963-9783
Raymond Vineyard & Cellar
849 Zinfandel Ln, St Helena, CA 94574-1645 707 963-3141 email

Hours Daily 10:00 Am - 4:00 PM
Ritchie Creek Vineyard
4024 Spring Mountain Rd, St Helena, CA 94574-9773
707 963-4661 email 
Robert Craig Wine Cellars
St Helena, CA 94574, 707 963-3735
Robert Keenan Winery
3660 Spring Mountain Rd, St Helena, CA 94574-9677 707 963-9177 
Hours Daily 11:00 Am - 4:00 PM
Round Hill Winery
1680 Silverado Trl N, St Helena, CA 94574-9503, 707 963-9503
Hours Daily 10:00 Am - 4:30 PM
Rustridge Ranch Vineyards
2910 Lower Chiles Valley Rd, St Helena, CA 94574-9632
707 965-2871 email
Hours Daily 10:00 Am - 4:00 PM
Rutherford Grove Winery
1673 Saint Helena Hwy S, St Helena, CA 94574-9777
707 963-0544 email
Hours Daily 10:00 Am - 4:30 PM
Salvestrin Wine Corporation
397 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574-2158 707 963-5105
By appointment
Sawyer Cellars
8360 Saint Helena Hwy, St Helena, CA 94574 707 967-0755
Schweiger Vineyards & Winery
4015 Spring Mountain Rd, St Helena, CA 94574-9773
707 963-4882 email

Hours By appointment
Seavey Vineyard
1310 Conn Valley Rd, St Helena, CA 94574-9624 707 963-8339
Smith-Madrone Vineyards
4022 Spring Mountain Rd, St Helena, CA 94574-9773
707 963-2283
Hours Mon - Sat   10:00 Am - 4:00 PM
Snowden Vineyard's
PO Box 84, St Helena, CA 94574-0084 707 963-4292
Spottswoode Winery
1902 Madrona Ave, St Helena, CA 94574-2354 707 963-0134
Spring Mountain Vineyard
2805 Spring Mountain Rd, St Helena, CA 94574-1775 707 967-4188
St Clement Vineyards Incorporated
2867 Saint Helena Hwy N, St Helena, CA 94574-9655
707 967-3033 (800) 331-8266 email

Hours Daily 10:00 Am - 4:00 PM
Stoney Springs Winery
264 Crystal Springs Rd, St Helena, CA 94574-9664
707 963-7760
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