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can be done my many people in many professions.

An architectural designer

is an architect that is primarily involved in the design of buildings or urban landscapes, as opposed to the construction documents and management required to construct it. Architectural Designers are individuals who should have good creative skills, imagination and artistic talent. Although most students of architecture are trained to be designers in school, not all become designers in practice. Non-registered designers are similar, but cannot legally refer to themselves as "architectural" designers in most parts of the world. Most are referred to as building designers, especially when not employed by an architectural firm.

Many large architectural firms have architectural designers that set what the general public views as the "style" of the firm's projects.








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Alphabetical Listings

Architectural Network Inc.
Architecture -Space Planning-Interior Design
1303 Jefferson St., Suite 115A, Napa, Ca 94559 707 253-2600 email
Cabinets & In Home Design
Napa, CA 707- 265-9909

Candace Lindell Design
1235 Henry Rd, Napa, CA 707- 226-7717

Dean M Jones Architects Plnrs
M Dean Jones
855 Bordeaux Way # 100, Napa, CA 707- 255-4422

Karen Jense Roberts
1230 Spring St, St Helena, CA 707- 967-8267

Kennedy & Kennedy Architecture 
Home Design and Planning
6505 Washington St # 2, Yountville, CA 94599-1378 707 944-9279

Step One Professional Remodel
Napa, CA 707- 259-1800

WJG Design Studio Home Design and Planning
2080 Madison St, Yountville, CA 94599-1242 707 944-9521

These firms may actually have groups of designers (design studios), often divided into their own separate niche markets (education, healthcare, housing, etc.) In smaller architectural firms, the architectural designers tend to remain involved with the project right through completion, and actually take an active role in documentation and management, sometimes to the point of supervising construction. It is worth noting that most "star" architects, that have become household names, are known because of their skill as architectural designers.
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