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A disc jockey or DJ is a person who selects and plays prerecorded music for an audience.

There are several types of d j. Radio DJs introduce and play music that is broadcast on AM, FM, shortwave or digital radio stations. Club DJs select and play music in a bar, club, disco, a rave, or even a stadium. Hip hop disc jockeys select, play and create music with multiple turntables, often to back up one or more MCs. In reggae, the disc jockey (deejay) is a vocalist who raps, toasts, beatboxes or chats over pre-recorded rhythm tracks while the individual choosing and playing them is referred to as a selector. Mobile disc jockeys travel with portable sound systems and play at a variety of events.





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Mobile Disc Jockeys ( DJs ) are an extension of the original Radio disc  jockeys. They travel with or go on tour with mobile sound systems and play from an extensive collection of pre-recorded content for a specific audience. In the 2000s, mobile DJs need a large selection of music, professional-grade equipment, good organizational skills, vocal talent as an MC, mixing skills, quality lighting, insurance for liability, and on-site back-up equipment. In the 2000s, the role of the Mobile DJ has expanded. Many Mobile DJs have assumed additional responsibilities to ensure an event's success. These responsibilities include the roles of MC, event organizer and coordinator, lighting director, and/or sound engineer.


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